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Retirement Ceremony

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3 July 2024

Malaysian Fisheries Department express their highest appreciation and thanks to YBrs. Tuan Haji Bohari bin Haji Leng, Deputy Director General of Fisheries Malaysia (Development) for all the services and contributions that have been poured out throughout the service period. The dedication and commitment shown by Tuan Haji is an inspiration to all members of the department and has had a great impact on the development and progress of this department.

YBrs. Tuan Haji Bohari is an officer who has devoted his devotion and service to the Malaysian Fisheries Department since 1991 with great dedication and commitment. Throughout his 33 years of service, he has shown excellent leadership and always strives to ensure the progress and development of the fisheries sector in Malaysia reaches a proud level.

Happy retirement to Tuan Haji Bohari bin Haji Leng. Thank you for all the service and service you have given. Indeed, Tuan Haji’s service and devotion will always be remembered and appreciated.

All members of the department pray that Tuan Haji Bohari and his family will always be given good health, happiness and well-being as they embark on a new phase of life. May you continue to excel and be successful in whatever field you venture into after this.