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Extension Incubator Programme

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  1. Extension Incubator Programme under Department of Fisheries Malaysia is a project implemented by the Fisheries Division.
  2. The creation of the Extension Incubator Program was implemented during the National Agricultural Policy 3 (DPN3) to produce more quality entrepreneurs in addition to providing systematic training that can improve skills and expertise in the field of entrepreneurship.
  3. This program is implemented in Peninsular Malaysia by zone/region including Sarawak and Federal Territory of Labuan.


  1. To create as many fisheries enterpreneurs who are directlt and actively involved in managing their own/ group businesses and have resilience and competitiveness in the fisheries sector.
  2. To create a network chain between fellow fisheries entrepreneurs and between fisheries entrepreneurs and mentoring groups of entrepreneurs, other sector entrepreneurs, foreign investors, agencies and all those involved in the business chain.
  3. To create fisheries entrepreneurs who are able to evaluate and use new technology and information technology (IT) in the process of production, processing, providing fisheries services, distribution and marketing of quality, competitive and innovative products in line with consumer needs.
  4. To assist and encourage the production of selected and quality fishery products and services produced by fishery entrepreneurs to penetrate the domestic and foreign markets.
  5. To expand the market of fisheries entrepreneurs, especially Bumiputera in the strategic fisheries sector, areas of focus and non-active areas involved by Bumiputera entrepreneurs.
  6. To encourage successful fishing entrepreneurs through this program so that they can also help new entrepreneurs and small entrepreneurs in the fishing field.

Promoted Fisheries Sector

Potential fisheries sectors for the Extension Incubator Program according to priority are as follows:

  1. Processing of captured fishery products (Marine)
  2. Processing of aquaculture products (Freshwater)

Target Group

  1. Companies that are registered in Malaysia and have made investments in the production of fish-based products.
  2. Group of myKomuniti Perikanan (myKP) and myAgropreneur Perikanan (myAP) who have been involve in the production of fish-based products, recommended by State Fisheries Office and submitted a Business Plan and were able to obtain a loan from a banking institution.
  3. Entrepreneurs under supervised Department of Fisheries Malaysia who recommended by the State Fisheries Office and submitted a Business Plan and are able to obtain a loan from a banking institution.