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myKomuniti Perikanan (myKP)

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myKomuniti Perikanan (myKP) is a community based programme that carries out fisheries resource management activities, capture fisheries, aquaculture, fisheries agro-based industry, fisheries support industry including agrotourism and recreational fishing.

This programme was launched on 4th December 2017 by Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry (MOA) and became one of the main programme of the Department of Fisheries in the development of target groups. This programme will support national food security and generate income of target groups. Until December 2021, a total of 190 myKP have been established throughout the country.

Application and Approval:

  1. myKP must be consist of at least five members from the fishing community.
  2. The Fishing Community can apply for the establishment of myKP through the District Fisheries Office using the Registration Form – myKP Form 01/2022.
  3. myKP registration is carried out at the State Fisheries Office using the respective state registration code.
  4. The State Director of Fisheries will approve the establishment of myKP through the Extension Delivery And Support Services SystemCommittee Meeting.

Project Application:

  1. Applications are made and approved through Extension Delivery And Support Services System Committee Meeting.