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Fisheries Conservation & Protection Division

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Fisheries Conservation & Protection Division

Wisma Tani, Level 3,
Block Tower 4G2, Precinct 4,
Federal Government Administration Centre,

03-8870 2499

03-8881 1086

Monitoring, Control And Supervision Branch (MCS)

  1. Coordinate enforcement programs to protect the country’s fisheries resources.
  2. Coordinate communication relationship to ensure the sustainability and harmony of the fishing community.
  3. Coordinate collaboration with other enforcement agencies. To ensure that maritime enforcement coordination runs smoothly.
  4. Coordinating MCS Affairs in order to guarantee the sustainability of the management of fisheries resources in the country’s water.

Collaboration, Education And Logistics Branch (CKPL)

  1. Coordinate development and manage allocations.
  2. Coordinating the management and administration of enforcement personnel at Headquarters and State Enforcement personnel and bases.
  3. Managing the Logistics of the enforcement programme to ensure The MCS Programme runs smoothly.
  4. Implement and manage strategic collaboration / cooperation with stakeholders.
  5. Plan and implement public education and awareness programme related to Compliance wih the Fisheries Act 1985 and Marine Conservation.
  6. Planning, develop, prepare publication and publicty materials.
  7. Manage the BKOPP capacity development programme.

Marine Park And Marine Protection Management Branch (CPTLPM)

  1. Plan and manage Marine Protected Area (MPA) base and Policies
  2. Planning the gazetting of new Marine Parks and MPA’s including refugia and closed season areas.
  3. Plan sustainable MPA management , physical development and activites.
  4. Planning and coordinating the management, development and operation of Marine Park and marine protected area.
  5. Coordinate corporate and secretarial management (Strategic Plan/KPI/National Advisory Council for Marine Parks and Marine Reserves. (MPKTLRL)
  6. Coordinate the allocation of the Trust Fund.

Ecosystems Conservation And Biodiversity Branch (CKEB)

  1. Conduct Underwater Surveilance for compliance With Part IX of the Fisheries Act 1985.
  2. Coordinate and implement research activities for aquatic ecosystems and fisheries resources.
  3. Conducts Aquatic Ecosystem Monitoring and Fisheries Resources.
  4. Implement aquatic ecosystem rehabilitation activities and fishery resources.
  5. Prepare and manage a database of fisheries resources.
  6. Manage and process permits and fee Remittances