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Management Service Division

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Management Service Division

Wisma Tani, Level 4,
Block Tower 4G2, Precinct 4,
Federal Government Administration Centre,

03-8870 4021

03-8888 9972

Personnel Management Branch

Services & Employment:

  1. Coordinate and implement matters related to service, filling, appointment, placement and retirement.
  2. Coordinate the approval of work responsibilities, allowances and facilities, remuneration, leave, benefits and gratuities.
  3. To plan the development of the organisation and employment of the Department.
  4. Coordinate the study of service schemes, study of allowances and facilities.

Promotion & Perfomance:

  1. Coordinate and secretariat of acting position and promotion.
  2. Coordinate the preparation of the syllabus, formulation and selection of questions and administer the Departmental Subject examination and the Promotion by Appointment (PSL) examination.
  3. Coordinate and secretariat of the Human Resource Evaluation Panel (PPSM), Performance Management, Exit Policy and Excellent Service Award/Medal.
  4. Secretariat of the Joint Departmental Council (MBJ).
  5. Coordinate Tier 3 and Tier 4 KPIs of the Department.


  1. Coordinate and implement HRMIS data updates.
  2. Coordinate HRMIS KPIs for top management.

Finance Management & Procurement Branch

Finance & Account:

  1. Coordinate, manage and supervise the Department’s budget affairs – managing allocations.
  2. Coordinate, manage and supervise matters related to payment instructions such as emoluments, contracts, bill payments, bulk, air warrants, petty cash pawns and other claims.
  3. Coordinate, manage and supervise matters related to receipts and revenue.
  4. Coordinate and monitor the approval and payment of vehicle and computer loans for officers in the Department.
  5. Coordinate the secretariat of the Financial Management and Accounts Committee (JPKA) meetings on a quarterly basis in the Department.
  6. Perform financial audits and inspections including procurement.


  1. Manage, coordinate, organise and implement procurement by government order (PO), quotations and tenders in the Department.
  2. Coordinate the secretariat of the Department Quotation Committee meeting.
  3. Coordinate the secretariat of the ePerolehan Implementation Team meeting at the Department level.

Asset Management & Administration Branch

Asset & Store:

  1. Coordinate the management of movable assets, immovable assets and living assets (fish) at the Department level.
  2. Coordinate the secretariat of the Government Asset Management Committee (Movable Assets and Facilities) meetings at the Department level.
  3. Manage and implement inspections, asset checking sessions and verification of stores and stocks at the Department level.


  1. Coordinate and implement office administration matters related to public administration progress circulars such as file matters, official documents, counters, myPortfolio and others.
  2. Coordinate approvals for abroad travel applications for personal affairs, departmental special housing claims, medication subsistence claims, mobile phone and telephone bills, bulk bills and utility bills.
  3. Manage and coordinate department vehicles, drivers, department official cars, touch and go, fuel indenture cards, SPANCO rental vehicles and the purchase of JUSA grade vehicles.
  4. Coordinate occupational health protection and safety.
  5. Coordinate office space rental contracts, photocopiers, facsimiles, water filters, security guards and building cleaning.
  6. Coordinate reports of damage to Headquarters space and coordinate reports and applications for office and quarters maintenance allocations.

Information Management Branch

Application Development :

  1. To plan and implement the development and implementation of new applications in the Department.
  2. Monitor the maintenance of the existing Application System in the Department.
  3. Monitor the implementation of ICT projects in the Department’s ICT Committee Meeting (JPICT).
  4. Integration project monitoring with agencies.
  5. Monitor and complete the Information Technology Strategic Plan for the Department is implemented in accordance with the Department’s strategic plan.
  6. Manage Application System procurement.
  7. Secretariat and implement ICT Steering Committee Meetings.

Network and ICT Security :

  1. Implement and monitor the 1Gov * Net network in the Department.
  2. Manage the development, implementation, maintenance and monitoring of ICT security and perform duties as the Department’s ICTSO.
  3. Manage the development, implementation and maintenance of data centres.
  4. Manage the implementation and maintenance of 1GovUc emails.
  5. Plan and coordinate division management allocations.
  6. Secretariat and implement ICT Steering Committee Meeting.

Technical Operations and Website :

  1. Coordinate and provide assistance and additional technical services for ICT equipment to users.
  2. Plan ICT courses and training for DOF staff.
  3. To plan the acquisition of ICT equipment on a rental basis for the Headquarters, VAT, PPD and Center.
  4. Manage ICT assets and inventory.
  5. Manage and coordinate the disposal of ICT infrastructure.
  6. Maintain and update content and provide technical support on the Department’s Official Website.
  7. Secretariat and implement ICT Steering Committee Meetings.