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Delivery System & Extension Support Services (SPeKS)

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  1. SPeKS Pengembangan includes extension programmes under the provisions of Fisheries Extension Division and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAFI) including the myKomuniti Perikanan (myKP), myAgropreneur Perikanan (myAP), Young Agropreneur Programme (PAM), Extension Incubator Programme (PIP), Agrotourism Grant, Change Upgrade Product (CUP)/ High Impact Products (HIP) Matching Grant, Fisheries Mechanization & Automation Programme, Deep Sea & Tuna Fisheries Development Programme.
  2. SPeKS Pengembangan will approve programme under the allocation of the Department of Fisheries, while for programme under the MAFI, this committee only recommends for the approval of the MAFI main committee.
  3. Extension support services are activities that support the implementation of extension programs including:
    • Advisory services;
    • Attachment training;
    • Study tour;
    • Courses, seminars and workshops; and
    • Information and promotion.
  4. The applicant’s eligibility and application requirements are as follows:-
    • Individual Malaysian citizens aged 18 years and above.
    • Ability to read, think and write;
    • Applicants are encouraged to follow training programs/ courses/ workshops and technical guidance conducted by the Department of Fisheries Malaysia and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry Malaysia covering technical, management, financial, motivational and marketing aspects.
    • Priority to individuals/ communities that have business entities registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) either under the Companies Act 1995 (Act 125) or Enterprises incorporated under the Business Registration Act 1956 (Act 197).
    • Priority will be given to applicants who are engaged in the activities as outlined under the scope of the program for at least six (6) months.
    • Priority will be given to applicants who have valid land ownership status and separate premises for the purpose of carrying out the activity.
    • Applicants are required to have a Business Plan.
  5. Applicants must fill in the application form according to the program applied for and comply with the additional requirements for each program as stipulated in the Program Implementation Guidelines.