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Research Advisory Services

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LocationsTel/FaxAdvisory Services
National Fish Health Research Division (NaFisH)Institut Penyelidikan Perikanan Batu Maung,
11960 Batu Maung,
Pulau Pinang
04-626 3922
  • Technical assistance of hybrid grouper farming
  • Technical services for the control of sea slug parasitic diseases
  • Diagnosis of fish diseases
  • Technical services in the investigation of the death of white prawn and tiger prawn
  • EHP disease technical services
  • Consultant for Emergency Preparedness And Response System For Aquatic Animal Diseases in Malaysia
  • Registration Reference expert for the admission of  AquaVac Strep Sa1 and Alphajetmicro2Tila commercial vaccines to Dof Biosecurity and DVS
  • Technical services in the investigation of fish deaths
Bahagian Penyelidikan Kesihatan Ikan Kebangsaan (NaFisH)
Kampung Acheh Fisheries Research InstituteKompleks Perikanan Kg. Acheh,
32000 Setiawan,
05-691 475205-691 4742

Advisory services on Intermediate and Advanced Level Fishing Equipment

Institut Penyelidikan Perikanan Kampung Acheh
Tanjong Demong Fisheries Research Institute22200 Besut,
09-695 677809-695 8262
  • Technical evaluation with respect to the implementation of the marine fish hatchery project
  • Technical advisory services to the Recirculating Aquaculture System Project (RAS) Marine Fish Fry Nursery
  • Advisory services on the development of SMI scale marine fish hatchery prototypes
  • Provide technical services for hybrid grouper seeding methods
Institut Penyelidikan Perikanan Tanjong Demong
Rantau Abang Fisheries Research InstituteRantau Abang,
23050 Kuala Dungun,
09-845 816909-845 8017
  • Identification of the Turtle Rescue Center and marine species
  • Preservation of turtles and marine species
  • Education and awareness of turtles and marine species
Institut Penyelidikan Perikanan Rantau Abang
Gelang Patah Fisheries Research Institute81550 Gelang Patah,
07-510 120207-510 3015
  • Fry and marine fish breeding advisory services
  • Caged fish farming advisory services
  • Cockel size assessment and adult cockel management / harvesting activity advisory services
Institut Penyelidikan Perikanan Gelang Patah
Batu Maung Fisheries Research Institute11960 Batu Maung,
Pulau Pinang
04-626 3925 / 392604-626 2077
  • Heavy metal advisory services for NSSP and SPS Programmes from Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak at ICP-MS Laboratory
  • Provide technical services in terms of water quality studies
  • Provide technical services from assessing the needs of analytical studies
  • Provide site study technical services
    Provide toxicity and oil spill dispersant efficiency
Institut Penyelidikan Perikanan Batu Maung
Glami-Lemi Fisheries Research InstituteTiti,
71660 Jelebu,
Negeri Sembilan
06-613 300006-613 8352
  • Tilapia Breeding
  • Technology transfer of Freshwater Live Food Preparation
  • Formulation food preparation advisory services
  • Provide advisory services on freshwater fish breeding
  • Seaweed Tissue Culture Advisory Services and Training
Institut Penyelidikan Perikanan Glami-Lemi


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