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Corporate Communication Unit

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Corporate Communication Unit

Wisma Tani, Level 6,
Block Tower 4G2, Precinct 4,
Federal Government Administration Centre,

03-8870 4426


Roles and Responsibilties

  1. Promote departmental policies, programmes and activities towards the formation of a positive image through strategic and effective promotion and publicity.
  2. Encourage participation and increase appreciation as well as provide public understanding of the department’s policies, programmes and activities more effectively.
  3. Manage corporate communication with the media and plan media action plans in the dissemination of information efficiently to meet the timelines and objectives of the department as a whole.
  4. Act as a spokesperson for the department in conveying information related to facts and situations related to the department WITH THE PERMISSION OF THE HEAD OF DEPARTMENT.
  5. Monitor and evaluate media coverage and its impact on current developments in the agency as well as provide feedback on issues raised.
  6. Manage feedback on issues involving the image of the department as well as establish relationships with the media in correcting misconceptions or perceptions.
  7. Serves as an advisor in the field of corporate communication and media management relations as well as protocols for planning and advising top management on corporate communication strategies.
  8. Act as a media coordinator and be part of the department’s management.
  9. Responsible for planning and implementing event management action plans for official activities in the department in relation to promotion, publicity and campaigns with the media.
  10. To establish and cultivate good relations with local and foreign media on an ongoing basis to determine the target to get a picture or real information about the organisation that involves current policies and developments.
  11. As the department’s client complaints coordinator in management meetings.
  12. Carry out relevant duties in the field of Corporate Communication, management and media relations as directed by the head of department from time to time.