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14th Asean Shrimp Alliance (ASA) Meeting

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1 July 2024

Malaysia has hosted the 14th ASEAN Shrimp Alliance (ASA), 16th ASEAN Fisheries Consultative Forum (AFCF) & 32nd ASEAN Sectoral Working Group on Fisheries (ASWGFI) which lasted for 5 days from 1 to 5 July 2024.

The meeting was chaired by the Thai delegation. The Malaysian delegation was led by YBrs Puan Yeo Moi Eim, Senior Director of the Biosecurity Division as the National Focal Point and represented by YBhg. Dato’ Haji Azhari bin Haji Othman, Senior Director of Aquaculture Division as Alternate National Focal Point, YBrs Dr Azhar bin Hamzah, Senior Director of Fisheries Research Institute, Director of Policy and Strategic Planning Division, Director of Southeast Asian Marine Resources Institute, Deputy Director of Capture Fisheries Resources Division, and Deputy Director of Fisheries Conservation and Protection Division.

The meeting was attended by all ASEAN Member States, Secretary General of the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC) and assisted by the ASA Secretariat and the ASEAN Secretariat.

The meeting informed, among others, ASEAN Member States on the development of programmes and projects under this cooperation network. In addition, the meeting also discussed the direction of expanding the scope of this cooperation network to include fish commodities and other fish products.

ASEAN Member States also shared information and initiatives of their respective countries to develop the shrimp industry and trade in the region.