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MBJ Proposal Form

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  1. MBJ meetings should focus on matters of common interest;
  2. Examples of matters that can and have been discussed in MBJ meetings are as follows:
    • Finance and facilities
      • late reimbursement of travel claims;
      • inadequate training provision;
      • delays in the supply of uniforms; and
      • matters of delay in approving leave.
    • Management
      • convenience/comfort of office space;
      • shift work time rotation issues;
      • vehicle parking issues;
      • issues of building and office equipment maintenance; and
      • damage to machine/time recorder system.
    • Human resources
      • organisational restructuring;
      • vacancy;
      • the issue of providing training to new staff;
      • internal work rotation among departmental staff;
      • in-service courses and training; and
      • discipline and disciplinary action.
    • Welfare
      • social activities;
      • sport programmes;
      • the establishment of welfare funds at the departmental level; and
      • appointment of nursery service providers in the department.
    • Innovation and productivities
      • work process improvement;
      • reduction of waste in office management; and
      • the cultivating of digital technology in work affairs.
    • Others
      • proposal of MBJ meetings occurence outside the office area;
      • the launch of departmental level campaigns such as the Healthy Lifestyle Campaign; and
      • traffic problems.

  1. Government Policy Matters
    • All forms of discussions aimed at changing a Government decision and policy that have been set out in the General Order, Government Gazette, circular, circular letter or other form of policy decision are not allowed to be discussed in the MBJ Meeting;
    • However, the Head of the Department can provide clarification on policy matters to smooth its implementation at the departmental level.
  2. Individual Matters
    • Individual or personal problems do not need to be brought into the MBJ meeting and should be resolved administratively only.
  3. Examples of matters that cannot be discussed in an MBJ meeting are as follows:
    • Changes in Government policy
      • proposal to add infectious disease types in the Quarantine Leave facility;
      • proposal to improve service scheme;
      • proposal to create new allowances or facilities in the Public Service;
      • proposal to increase the total number of uniforms supplied to eligible officers; and
      • proposal to shorten the period of being in the grade of appointment for time-based promotion affairs based on excellence.
    • Individual Matters
      • the issue of late payment of overtime to a person;
      • the issue of office computer damage encountered by a person; and
      • the issue of lack of office stationery supplied to a person.

The MBJ Proposal Form can be filled online (Google Form) or manually (via downloading the PDF document) at the following link: