Taxonomy Name Saurida micropectoralis
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Saurida
Family Synodontidae
DOF Valid Name Conor sirip pendek
Common Name Lizardfish
Fish Base Name Shortfin lizardfish
Local Name Bekut laut, Belungkor, Conor, Hai la, Mengkarong, Mudin, Mudin-mudin, Sonor, Ubi
Original author Saurida micropectoralis

Body color:

Back and upper sides brown, lower sides and belly white. Nine to 10 faint blotches along the lateral line, sometimes with traces of very indistinct cross-bars on the back. Upper edges of pectoral and caudal fins occasionally with faint black dots. The upper portion of the inner side of the pectoral fins dark

Specific Description:

Dept range 20-260 m