Taxonomy Name Rastrelliger brachysoma
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Rastrelliger
Family Scombridae
DOF Valid Name Kembung pelaling
Common Name Chub mackerel, Indo-Pacific mackerel, Mackerel, Short-bodied mackerel
Fish Base Name Short mackerel
Local Name Kam bong, Kembong, Pelaling, Rumahan (Brunei), Temenong
Original author Rastrelliger brachysoma

Body color:

Head and body bluish green dorsally, silverywhite ventally. First dorsal and caudal fins yellowish

Specific Description:

Body subcylindrical and elongated. Body height about equal to head length and 3.8 times in standard length. Head large, with scaly cheek. Eye moderate with well-developed adipose eyelid, exposing vertical mid-region of eye. Eye diameter nearly equal to flat interorbital space and pointed snout. Large terminal mouth. Both jaws with minute conical teeth. Maxilla reaching below posterior margin of eye. Lateral line complete, slightly bent. Body covered with small scales. 2 dorsal fins, separated by broad interspace. 2 small keels on each side of caudal preduncle. Caudal fin forked.