Taxonomy Name Pampus argenteus
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Pampus
Family Stromateidae
DOF Valid Name Bawal putih
Common Name Butterfish, Pomfret, White pomfret
Fish Base Name Silver pomfret
Local Name Bawal bintang, Bawal cermin, Bawal chawi, Bawal lawi, Dorang, Dueh bujang, Dueh putih, Gapas balanda, Kilat, Pek cheow, Rayah-rayah
Original author Pampus argenteus

Body color:

Grey above grading to silvery white towards the belly, with small black dots all over the body. Fins are faintly yellow; vertical fins with dark edges

Specific Description:

Black spot under the pectoral fins. Body oval, strongly compressed. Anal and caudal fins yellowish. Dept range 5-110 m