Taxonomy Name Grammoplites scaber
Class Actinopterygii
Genus Grammoplites
Family Platycephalidae
DOF Valid Name Baji Kasar
Common Name Rough flatfish, flathead
Fish Base Name
Local Name Baji, Baji-baji, bebaji
Original author Grammoplites scaber

Body color:

Body and head brownish above, whitish below, with about 6 dark bands crossing dorsal surface in some, obsure or absent in others; 1st dorsal and pelvic fins dusky; 2nd dorsal fin with small dark spots; anal fins white or with a submarginal row of dark spots; caudal fin dusky, some with a row of dark spots along upper edge; pectoral fin spotted on upper half, dusky on lower. Source: Fishes of Andaman Sea.

Specific Description:

Body elongate. Head moderately depressed. Suborbital with 4-5 spines. Eye without ocular flaps. Lateral line scales with spine and single opening to exterior.