Taxonomy Name Siganus canaliculatus
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Siganus
Family Siganidae
DOF Valid Name Dengkis bintik putih
Common Name Rabbitfish, Spinefoot
Fish Base Name White-spotted spinefoot
Local Name Belais, Belaris, Beliat, Belibas, Debam, Dengkis, Gelibas, Ketang, Ketang lada, Lambai, Leban, Lumban
Original author Siganus canaliculatus

Body color:

Body silvery grey above, silvery below; a touch of olive green on nape and upper surface of head; fright pattern mottled with pale cream and dark brown; usually fish display a dark patch just below origin of lateral line

Specific Description:

Dept range 3-50 m