Taxonomy Name Psettodes erumei
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Psettodes
Family Psettodidae
DOF Valid Name Togok
Common Name Halibut, Indian halibut, Spiny turbot
Fish Base Name Indian spiny turbot
Local Name Chor kau, Jaring, Kar kau, Lidah, Pila-pila, Sebelah, Sebelah jaring, Sisa Nabi, Tipo, Togok sebelah
Original author Psettodes erumei

Body color:

Brown or grey, sometimes with 4 broad, dark crossbars. Dorsal, anal and caudal fin tips black. Blind side occasionally partially colored

Specific Description:

Body assymmetrical, oval and flat. Head twisted. Both eyes on one side of body. Upper eye slightly visible from blind sight and situated just below dorsal edge. Lower eye smaller. Large terminal mouth with strong canine teeth in both jaws , anterior one larger than those in posterior. Maxilla extending beyond lower eye. Head and body covered with small adhesive scale except on snout region. Both nostrils located close together. Lateral line bent anteriorly. Dorsal fin originating well behind upper eye. Pelvic fin jugular. Caudal fin double emarginate or truncate with slightly elongated median rays. Pectoral fins and lateral line exist at both sides.