Taxonomy Name Nemipterus furcosus
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Nemipterus
Family Nemipteridae
DOF Valid Name Kerisi merah ros
Common Name Gold perch, Peron's threadfin bream, Rosy threadfin bream, Threadfin bream
Fish Base Name Fork-tailed threadfin bream
Local Name Gerisi, Gurisi merah, Kerisi, Kerisi lemak, Kurusi (Bajau), Merah
Original author Nemipterus furcosus

Body color:

Body pink, silvery below to belly. Dorsal fin pinky.

Specific Description:

9 indistinct blotches at back. 1st blotch behind eye, 2nd on predorsal. Dorsal fin pink to red. Preoperculum with 3 rows of cycloid scales.