Taxonomy Name Alepes melanoptera
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Alepes
Family Carangidae
DOF Valid Name Pelata malam
Common Name Banded scad, Blackfin crevalle, Herring scad, Scad, Trevally scad
Fish Base Name Blackfin scad
Local Name Betong, Salidai, Selar, Selar malam, Selar papan, Songsang arus, Songsong laut
Original author Alepes melanoptera

Body color:

Body silvery blue or green dorsally, silvery white ventrally; a large black spot on upper margin of opercle; upper lobe of caudal fin dusky or blackish; longituinal dark bands on second dorsal and anal fins.

Specific Description:

Body oblong, compressed; dorsal and ventral profiles almost equally convex. Snout pointed; adipose eyelid well developed on posterior half of eye; a single row of small slender curved teeth on both jaws. Straight part of lateral line entirely with scutes (39-51), longer than curved part. Source: Andaman Sea Fishes