Taxonomy Name Drepane punctata
Class Osteichthyes
Genus Drepane
Family Drepanidae
DOF Valid Name Daun-baru bintik
Common Name Sicklefish, Spotted batfish, Spotted moonfish
Fish Base Name Spotted sicklefish
Local Name Agung-agung, Baharu-baharu, Bebaru, Berbaharu, Buna, Daun baharu, Paling, Pau cheow, Sapehi, Sapih-sapih, Sapi-sapi, Telinga gajah
Original author Drepane punctata

Body color:

Body silvery in color, with about 8 vertical rows of dark spots originating from dorsal profile or dorsal fin. A large orange spot just above pectoral fin base.

Specific Description:

Lateral line strongly curve. 3rd spine of dorsal fin longest. A deep notch separating spinous and soft-rayed dorsal fin. Pectoral fin strongly falcate, reaching posterior region of lateral line. Pelvic fins with axillary scale.