Taxonomy Name Chelonodon patoca
Class Actinopterygii
Genus Chelonodon
Family Tetraodontidae
DOF Valid Name Buntal susu
Common Name Milkspotted puffer
Fish Base Name
Local Name Buntal, Buntal bako
Original author Chelonodon patoca

Body color:

A greyish to brownish puffer with silvery-white lower sides, large round or oval white spots, dark bands on the head and body.

Specific Description:

Anal fin originating below middle region of dorsal fin base or slightly behind. A patch of spinules on back from behind interorbital nearly to dorsal fin another on throat and abdomen. Nasal organ in the form of a depression with slightly raised margin expanded before and behind into a pair of elongate flaps. Source( Fishes of Andaman Sea).