Taxonomy Name Rhynchobatus australiae
Class Chondrichthyes
Genus Rhynchobatus
Family Rhinidae
DOF Valid Name Yu-kemejan tompok putih
Common Name Giant guitarfish, Sandshark, Whitespot ray, White-spotted guitarfish, White-spotted shovelnose ray
Fish Base Name Bottlenose wedgefish
Local Name Yu kemejan, Yu kia-kia
Original author Whitley, 1939
Body Color Bluish grey on raised portion of disc and tail, dotted with large white spots; prominent white-edged black blotch above pectoral fin base and dark bands between eyes; paler greyish to white around margin of pectoral fin and snout. Ventral surface mostly pale. Dorsal and caudal fins similar to body, occasionally with white spots. Colour markings more pronounced in juveniles; adult frequently brownish with faint spot and lines
Spesific Description Ovoviviparous