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18 February 2024

18 February 2024 | Besut, Terengganu

Tanjung Demong Fisheries Research Institute (FRITD) plays a role in the research & development of marine fish breeds and parents (grouper, bream, jenahak and other marine species), high-density technology research of fish production systems, research into the production of hygienic and high-density live food, research the use of alternative treatments for fish health management.

During this work visit, Dato’ Adnan bin Hussain, Director General of Fisheries Malaysia saw the harvesting of milkfish farmed at FRI Tanjung Demong.

Before that, Milkfish or Chanos chanos is another successful result of research carried out by FRI Tanjung Demong in helping entrepreneurs and marine culture fish farmers.
Milkfish harvested today will be distributed to farmers around Kelantan and Terengganu for free in an effort to increase milkfish production.

He also hoped that FRI Tanjung Demong would continue to play an important role in marine fish farming.

Also present in this visit Dr. Azhar bin Hamzah, Senior Director of the Fisheries Research Institute, Dr. Ahmad Daud bin Om, Director of the Tanjung Demong Fisheries Research Institute, Mr. Nazri bin Ishak Director of Policy and Strategic Planning Division, Dr. Erniyta binti Osman Kelantan State Fisheries Director, Mr. Ruzaidi bin Mamat Terengganu State Director of Fisheries as well as head office and state fisheries officials.

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