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  • eBajet System
    An Information Management System and a System that Monitor the  Management of  Budget for Departmental projects and sub-projects according to its respective Core Responsibility (PTJ)
  • Sistem ePembangunan
    The eDevelopment System is an Information Management System and Development Budget Monitoring System meant for projects and sub-projects conducted by the Department.
  • SIRIP Online
    Portal SIRIP (Sistem Rangkaian Informasi Perikanan) Online merupakan gerbang DOFM dalam penawaran perkhidmatan kendiri secara online kepada kumpulan sasaran DOFM.  Melalui SIRIP Online, kumpulan sasar boleh mendaftar, memohon dan memantau status permohonan perkhidmatan yang diperlukan. Pendaftaran hanya sekali sahaja untuk menggunakan pelbagai perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan dalam portal ini iaitu :-

i. eLatihan
An online application system which enables participants to participate in trainings/programmes organised/managed by the Department which are open to all Malaysian, Departmental staff, citizens of countries participating in the MTCP Department’s programmes and students of Public/Private Higher Learning Institutions in Malaysia.

ii. eAkuakultur
Registration and application for support services in the field of Aquaculture managed by the Department.  It is open to small scale farmers, private investors, entrepreneurs and those interested to venture into the aquaculture activity.

iii. ePengembangan
A system that enables the Department to manage and administer support programs provided by the Department to target groups towards the generation of new entrepreneurs within the fisheries industry.

iv. eLesen
The system provides facility that assists the Department to manage and implement the Departmental Licensing Policy.  The system feature includes a facility that enables vessel owners and fishermen to update information related to licensing and fishing equipment.

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